Nadir Mohammed Abdullah bin Sa’adoun

Yemeni Taxi Driver, Captured in Afghanistan and Sold to U.S. Forces, Still at Guantánamo

A Yemeni taxi driver, Nabil was not a devout Muslim, and attended the mosque closest at hand on an irregular basis.  He never went on a Hadj pilgrimage. He smoked and chewed qut, a mild stimulant obtained from a plant, and played in a band. He was encouraged by a friend to go abroad to teach children the Quran in Arabic.

In 1999, he traveled to Afghanistan where he remained eight months. He returned to Yemen where he worked as a painter to earn enough money to return to Afghanistan. In February 2001, he returned to resume his teaching. The events of September 11, 2001 took place seven months later, and in early December he fled to Pakistan to escape being rounded up as a terrorist. Pakistan security forces captured him on December 15, 2001.

In spite of his denial of involvement in terrorist activities, sympathy for the Jihadists, or belief in the use of violence, he was detained for eleven days and then transferred to U.S. custody in exchange for cash. He has been at Guantánamo ever since.