Video: Tariq Ba Odah in His Own Words

While in Washington, DC for their trials in June, members of Witness Against Torture performed impromptu public readings of letters From Tariq Ba Odah, a man who has been held in Guantánamo for over a decade. WAT member and filmmaker … Continue reading

Video: From Guantánamo Bay to Rikers

Experts and organizers from a wide variety of backgrounds, from anti-torture to prison abolition work, gathered in Washington DC on June 27th, 2015 to discuss how solitary confinement, police torture, surveillance of Muslim communities and CIA torture intersect to create … Continue reading

July Newsletter

Dear friends and supporters, June was a busy month for Witness Against Torture members and we want to take a moment to share what we are working on in the hopes you will join us. Josie, Chrissy and Helen have … Continue reading

Closing Days of Torture Awareness Week

Reflections by Helen Schietinger Anti-Torture Rally at the Department of Justice  On Friday afternoon we found ourselves once again at the Department of Justice, this time at a coalition rally along with  Amnesty International, Center for Constitutional Rights, National Coalition … Continue reading

The Iftar Circle – A Reflection

Tariq - White House Banner

For me, the spirit of this year’s Torture Awareness Week events can be summed up in a vignette from Friday afternoon.  Two vigils into the day and feeling the effects of fasting, I was walking with Jerica and Jeremy towards … Continue reading

Case Dismissed: A Personal Reflection


Case dismissed! On Monday morning eight bewildered-looking ex-defendants filed out of Courtroom 116 at DC Superior Court after the prosecution stated the government was “not ready,” and the case was immediately dismissed. I was one of the eight, and I … Continue reading

What the Court Would Have Heard

WAT Members Prepare for Trial

In June 2015, members of Witness Against Torture went on trial for disrupting the Senate with an anti-torture message in January of the same year. They all had their cases dismissed. If the trial had moved forward, however, here are … Continue reading

Witness Against Torture (WAT) on Trial

CONFRONTING RACIST VIOLENCE FROM GUANTANAMO TO FERGUSON Anti-Torture Activists Stand Trial for Alleged Disruption in US Capitol; Condemn Lack of Accountability for Torture and Racist Police Violence Media Contacts: Tom Casey,, 716-491-9172; Matt Daloisio,, 201-264-4424 WASHINGTON, D.C. — … Continue reading

WAT Members on Trial

Dear Friends and Supporters, As the Department of Defense expresses doubt about Guantanamo’s closure, and the Department of Justice refuses to hold those who created and implemented torture policies accountable, Witness Against Torture is again in Washington, DC focused on … Continue reading

Photos of WAT in DC, June 2015

  Members of Witness Against Torture hold a banner of Tariq ba Odah during a vigil outside the White House. See more photos on Flickr.